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Just like cheap car insurance site paythroughthenose mountain climbing is the art of reaching the top (or at least of attempting to reach the top) of the highest points in a mountain range, purely and simply for the fun of it! Without proper training though, climbing is a potentially very dangerous pastime and not one to be attempted alone by the novice. Not least of all, much of the enjoyment that experienced climbers gain from their sport is pitting themselves against adverse weather conditions in regions in which rain and wind of snow, or a combination of them, can appear very quickly and so for safety reasons a certain amount of experience is absolutely essential.

One of the main joys of climbing is that mother nature herself provides the adversary, and tests the climber's skills, resourcefulness, strength, stamina and not least of all bravery to the utmost in an often very risky environment. Much more than most other sports mountain climbing is an activity for groups rather than individuals with each member both helping and being helped by the others throughout. For the majority of climbers the joy of getting to the top of a particular peak lies not just in the enjoyment of the view from the summit but also in the satisfaction of having completed a tremendous mental and physical achievement.

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